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Be PreparedIn Case of Emergency

Use ICE – Medical Reports to keep track of your family’s health, manage all your medical records, secure your personal medical information and allow immediate responders to notify your loved one in case of any emergency.

ICE - In case of Emergency
Why ICE - Medical Reports

Use ICE - Medical Reports to:

  • Exclusively store and access  your and your family’s medical history documents at one place.
  • Easy to seek for medical help or notify your nearest contact in case of any emergency with a few smooth clicks by responder on your device.
  • Ensures protection of your documents that may include reports of your prescription, referrals to laboratory, test result, recommendations, doctor visit date & so on.
  • Effortless access to all the information stored for an immediate responder to handle abrupt accidents.
App Features

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Special Features of ICE

Easy Access

You can access your comprehensive medical profile details instantly anytime, anywhere.You can easily access your details using the medical contact card on your mobile screen without the need of unlocking your mobile phone.

Documentation of Medical Reports

You can store your medical history records including doctor’s prescription, diagnostic test results, health progress & medication. Also, track your family members medical documents on a single platform.

Effortless Sharing

You can share your selected medical profile and documents effortlessly with your near responders and loved ones more conveniently and securely with password protection.

Prompt Communication

ICE - Medical Reports and history helps to guide about your health situation which eases the communication between you, your responder and the in charge doctor during a medical crisis.

Stress Free operation

One of the major advantages of ICE - Medical Reports is stress free operation as first responders can access your profile in 5 seconds or less to know who you are, who to contact and how to save your life.


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Be prepared to experience the unique and reliable features of ICE – Medical Reports to track your health, manage health related documents and to seek medical help in case of emergency. Our main focus is to serve you anytime as health comes above all.

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Read out the reviews by our clients, their family, doctors and responders.

OJ Scott
OJ Scott


First came ICE, In Case of Emergency, which I have used for several years and found to be extremely helpful when visiting my doctors, going to a clinic, or just remembering when I had vaccines.  This older App included critical information for first  responders, such as who to contact in case of an emergency, my allergies, medications taken, my doctors, and even my health insurance providers.  Now, in this new app, ICE Medical Reports, I find a much expanded app which also  includes the above items, but also an SOS for contacts, a QR scan code for first responders to see all medical information, a way to attach medical documents, a place to put a last wish message, and many more very helpful items.  Most important for me are video tutorials showing how to put these various items on your Android phone.  Many of my friends have marveled when I have shown them this new App and said they would download it.  I find life too risky these days when traveling or even going to the grocery store without having such information with me.  There is even a way to print out information for first responders and keep it in my wallet, in case my phone is not with me during an emergency.    The security safeguards for this App are many, so I do not worry about breaches of all of my medical information.   This is a ***  5 star app.  Thank you, Techxonia Inc for such  GREAT work.

Maurice Crouse
Maurice Crouse


I needed an ICE app that would allow dependable access from my phone’s lock screen or a QR code on an emergency card, giving necessary information about my medical conditions, family contacts, and emergency responders, without unlocking the phone for viewing or using other apps. This is it. It can also serve as a database for your medical records (and those of your family members, if you wish), and every item will remain private unless you specifically allow access by others. Emergency responders will be able to see only the medical information that you think they will need or find useful. You can also choose to share the information with family members or trusted friends. The app is not free, but the monthly charges are remarkably low. A free trial period allows you to have unrestricted use of the app’s features for 15 days, which should be ample time for you to decide if you want to subscribe. As for support, while I was trying out the app Techxonia responded quickly to my questions and found a solution to every problem I had. I am convinced this is the best ICE app available for an Android phone.

Laxmi Shiwakoti
Laxmi Shiwakoti


This is the best app for me, awesome staff.... I can also locate my doctor easily. Even the doctor said this is a good app when she saw me using it to store information. Good job guys

Suraj Lohani
Suraj Lohani


This is a good EMR to track my whole family. I try many apps and this one has the most needed features. Doctor visits, medications, treatments, attached files, etc. details can be stored. It is great. Keep up the good work.

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